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Kate Nash

On the 12th anniversary of playing her first show, Kate Nash was headlining her own show, playing songs from her four albums. Starting the show off with her first single, Foundations, she played a shorter version as the intro. She, along with her band mates segued between albums, keeping the tempo uptempo for the majority of the show. For the finale, they continued with Foundations, ending the show with an upbeat finish.

Alice Merton

With just one song released stateside, that did not deter the crowd at the nearly packed room at Alice Merton's first LA show. Spurred by the popularity of 'No Roots', the show was filled with a surprisingly upbeat vibe. Having grown up in Canada and Germany, Alice channels the sensibility of her travels of her music. The set was filled with uptempo songs, but also included a few slower tracks as well. Alice kept the crowd's attention with each track. Now, based in Berlin, her band consists of people she met while in music school.
In between shows, she is currently working on her long awaited debut album.

K. Flay

Kicking off the first night of her headlining tour, K. Flay did so in energetic fashion. Playing tracks from her latest - Every Where Is Somewhere as well as from her previous full length, Life as a Dog, she had the crowd hanging on to every word.
K. Flay has slowly, yet steadily built up from her previous releases; in the midst changing labels as well as switching up her home base from opposite coasts (NY - LA).
Through the process, her sound has also evolved, into a mix of an alternative/indie/rock conglomerate.
This was evident tonight, as she maneuvered through the songs, and also including a couple songs she was featured on. It wouldn't be complete without throwing it back to one of her earliest tracks - No Duh, which she did minus the band, which includes - Josh Lippi on guitar, Will Baldocchi on drums, and JT Daly on guitar, xylophone and keys, who also produced half of Every Where Is Somewhere.
The album played out live is a visual experience and having seen her …

Emily Haines

With Hollywood Forever set as the backdrop, Emily Haines started the show in theatrical fashion. It started out as a bit of a one woman play/show, complete with a bed and other props sprinkled on stage. With suitcase in hand, Emily took stage. A voiceover version of herself taunted her, trying to pull her back. Eventually, that led her to the piano to start off the set as she jumped right into the songs.

After a few songs, her band – The Soft Skeleton, which included her Broken Social Scene band mates Justin Peroff on drums and Sam Goldberg on bass as well as her Metric cohort Jimmy Shaw on guitar, joined her. Playing both old, from her album – Knives Don’t Have Your Back, as well as new, her latest – Choir of the Mind, it was a fine tuned balance of the songs spanning over 10 years between the two records.

The songs blended in nicely and complimented each other; simple, yet complex, delicate, yet powerful, flowing like air, while cutting like a knife.