A trio from Chicago, Monakr consists of Saam Hagshenas, Jonathan Marks, and Matthew Santos.
Here, they give a little insight into the band.

1. What inspired you to get together and start a band?

We had all known each other through the Chicago music scene, our bands had played together, etc. There was a little talk of working in some capacity. In 2014 Saam had written a few songs he wanted Matt to sing on, and they got in the studio. They both liked the result so much they decided to turn it into a band.

2. Who are some inspirations for the band?

Massive Attack, Peter Gabriel, Jeff Buckley,

3. Was there a deliberate construction in the outcome of the songs?
Not really, every song is different. Some pour out all at once, some are different ideas that come together from different places and times. We knew the mood for this project was a bit more somber than former projects, but I wouldn’t say that influenced the writing process. They’re just songs.

4. How do you feel Chicago compares to other cities music wise?

There’s a lot of great music coming out of Chicago right now, and it’s difficult to say how we compare to other scenes on a firsthand basis. The music scene has changed quite a bit since when we first started hustling. Back then, things felt really competitive and perhaps divided without a real sense of community and mutual support. It felt like a race to see who could break out onto the national platform first. I️ don’t know if that’s exclusive to Chicago or not, but that was our experience. Yet hip hop has always seemed to thrive in Chicago. Kanye, Lupe, Vic Mensa, and Chance have all made massive waves, and when people think of Chitown music, they most likely think of these names. The spirit of the Chance crew feels a lot more inclusive and community based than the generation before. We’ve seen a few of his super talented contemporaries rise up quickly under his wing of endorsement. It’s an encouraging trend to witness.

5. What are some bands you are currently listening to?
Some old favourites/favourite records?
Anything you're looking forward to being released?
Last cd/vinyl/digital purchased?
Last movie you saw & show you went to?

Rationale, Francis and the Lights, Lee Fields and The Expressions.

Last download was Telefone by another Chicago artist Noname.

Last movie was Blade Runner 2049. Last show was BORNS.


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