Tashaki Miyaki

Tashaki Miyaki are a duo consisting of Lucy on drums and vocals and Rocky on guitar. Based in Los Angeles, they formed out of a late night jam session, and here Lucy gives some insight into the band that goes by the name Tashaki Miyaki.

1. What inspired you to form a band?
I had been making demos on my own and was really wanting to play with other people and hear that sound. At the time I didn't really have a plan to form a band...I didn't know what the outcome would be. I was making recordings with my friend Joel Jerome and then Rocky came one day and we basically recorded our first EP in a day. We did drums, guitar, and vocals live in a couple takes and then overdubbed percussion and more vocals. The band was pretty much born in those sessions. After our first trip to the UK in 2011, which was essentially our first tour/shows, we realized we needed a third person to fill out the sound. Dora was someone I had played in bands with in the past and who I really trust musically, she seemed like the perfect fit, so when she said yes, I was over the moon, and Tashaki MIyaki was complete.

2. Who are some influences?
I like all kinds of music. I think in this project hip hop and old R&B have been a big influence on my drumming. I listen to a lot of Al Jackson Jr. when I practice drums. And 90s Dre. I am a gigantic Neil Young fan and other big favorites for me are John Lennon, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Kurt Coabin, Harry Nilsson, Prince and a lot of older country like Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Dolly Pardon, Waylon Jennings. I don't like answering for my bandmates but I can say that we share a love for Uncle Neil and connect with a lot of common loves.

3. How do you usually construct a song?
In the past songs would just show up for me fully formed and I would run to an instrument and grab a notebook and bang it out before it was gone. Lately I've been trying new approaches like starting with a chord progression I like and then attacking a lyrical idea. The process is a bit less mystical, but there's some things I want to say lyrically that require this method so I hope I can continue to work this way and get it out. I also want to try all writing together...we haven't mastered this one yet, but we've gotten to a good place as far as comfort zone, so I feel like it could happen.

4. Who would you like to tour and/or work with?
Hmmmm... Obviously Neil Young! I also would love to work with Jack White. I find him super innovative and refreshing. I'd love to make a record with someone like Dre, who generally works in a different genre of music. I also Like Bjorn Yttling's work a lot and Dave Fridmann. I also would one day like to make a giant pop record. I love pop music. As far as touring, I'd love to tour with our friends the Allah-Las, I think it would be soooo fun and this could actually happen. Other current acts I'd love to tour with are MGMT, Tame Impala, or St. Vincent...I am a big fan of all of them.

5. What's the best/worst thing about playing live?
The best thing is when my band is really connected and I feel almost an out of body experience and sometimes I have to stop myself from crying because I'm so excited. The worst thing is when the sound person just doesn't get it and/ or there is terrible feedback. That's pretty much the worst thing and it immediately takes me out of the zone.

6. What are some bands you are currently listening to?
I'm a big fan of St. Vincent...I really like her newest record. I loved the Tame Impala record. I like Sia's new record.

Some old favourites/favourite records?
John Lennon-Plastic Ono Band, Neil Young- Harvest, Lou Leed- Transformer, Waylon Jennings- Dreaming My Dreams, Bob Dylan- Blood on the Tracks, John Cale- Vintage Violence

Anything you're looking forward to being released?
Father John Misty

Last cd/vinyl/digital purchased?
I don't buy many things digitally. I like the experience of going to Amoeba and holding the record and looking at it. The last thing I bought was the new St. Vincent.

Last movie you saw & show you went to?
The last show I went to was the Clientele at the Satellite in Silverlake. The last movie I saw was Magic in the Moonlight. I love Woody Allen.

questions answered by Lucy Miyaki Vocals, drums, Tashaki MIyaki


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