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Pins are a four piece band from Manchester comprised of singer/guitarist Faith Vern, guitarist Lois Macdonald, bassist Anna Donigan and drummer Sophie Galpin. Having formed in 2011, Pins released their debut album in 2013 - Girls Like Us, and toured with a bunch of diverse bands, including Warpaint, The Fall, and Sleater-Kinney. Fast forward two years, their latest - Wild Nights, has just been released. Wild Nights was recorded in famed Joshua Tree with producer Dave Catching.
Pins are currently in the midst of their own headlining tour and here, Faith and Lois share a little bit about the band that is known as Pins.

1. What inspired you guys to start a band?

Faith - the first Christmas gift I recall was a keyboard, I got my first guitar when I was 12 and I had hundreds of imaginary bands as a teenager, it's in my blood.. My grandparents are musical, maybe it's down to them.

Lois - I played piano since I was a kid, but it was quite a solitary instrument. When I start pla…