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How & Nosm

1. How did you guys initially get interested in art and what led you to the street art style?
We started when we were very young, watching our mother draw. We would sit down with her and she would have us draw different images that she would come up with. Eventually, we started drawing by ourselves, copying photos and refining our skills by drawing almost daily. We developed an interest in art in general.
We were later introduced to tagging through skateboarding. A close friend showed us graffiti pieces from Spray Can Art and Subway Art. Soon after, we painted our first pieces illegally and from that point on, we were on a mission, going out at night and painting as much as possible while practicing graffiti lettering during the day.

2. When did you decide to limit yourselves to using only black, red and white and do you find that it does limit you at all?
It started about 4 years ago in Rio and the main reason we used a limited color palette was because paint was extremely expe…