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Dabs Myla

Dabs & Myla are artists from Melbourne currently based in Los Angeles. The duo mix and match both of their skills, creating whimsical and chromatic pieces, whether it's on canvas or on walls. Infusing both letters and characters, their pieces turn blank walls into exciting and colorful interruptions in between the mundane. Here, Dabs & Myla discuss a bit about all things art!

1. How did you first get interested in art and how did you veer towards street art and murals?

DABS:I had been interested in art and drawing since i was a young kid. I would always be drawing and making little comics and cartoons. When became a teenager I started hanging out with some kids in my neighborhood that where all bombing a lot. I started tagging with them and paying attention to the culture of graffiti and noticing pieces on the train line. I loved it and started sketching letters a lot!! I was lucky enough to have a few people around me who where older and where already pretty e…