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Morley is the guy putting up wheat-paste posters with phrases plastered on them, along with his own image, around the LA area. His posters are thoughtful, curious and almost evoke a sense of feeling like things don't have to so bad. Whereas many street artists choose to remain an anonymous mystery, Morley does the opposite. Not only does he include an image of himself on each poster, but takes to his blog to further discuss the process and even lists the location of each piece. Here, Morley discusses further some different aspects about street art.

1. How did you first get interested in art?

I suppose I got interested in art the same way as everyone else, through the things that entertained me as a child. Anything that gave my imagination fuel to explore the various recesses of my mind and the worlds that exist within them, would be quickly devoured by my young eyes and ears. Films, music, cartoons, comics- they were and still are a sort of relief from the drudgery…