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Lights is a singer, songwriter, synth, guitar and keytar player based out of Toronto. With her mix of pop hooks blending and falling into place with a bit of razor-edged electro beats, Lights creates a dynamic combination of sounds on her new record, Siberia. Here, she explains and gives some insight into the world of Lights.

1. How did you get involved with music and what made you want to pursue it?

When I was younger and my dad used to play his acoustic guitar while I was trying to fall asleep, I realized the power of music to change your state of mind, and put me at peace. He started teaching me the basics on guitar when I was eleven and I went from there.

2. What's your earliest memory of music?

I used to have these tapes, these musical stories, about a songbook and his family that went on adventures. I believe it was called Psalty the Singing Songbook. I used put on my huge headphones and listen to the tapes and sing along. Those are probably the first songs I …