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Marksmen are a four piece from Tampa. The band includes Matt Segallos - guitar and vocals, Chris Brickman - guitar, Glenn Espinoza - bass, and Reed Murray - drummer. Recently, Marksmen brought their blend of indie-alt-rock sound out on the road with Eisley. Here, Reed discusses a bit further about the band known as Marksmen.

1. What made you decide to start a band?

It was never my intention to start a band. I had always wanted to be a part of a project that I believed in and enjoyed playing drums for, but at the same time, the idea of being in a band left me feeling skeptical - it's rare to find other musicians who you completely connect with as people and also have the same musical vision as yourself.
Then Matt and Chris came along. They had been writing together for a short time and had the drive to start this band - a band they wanted me to be a part of. At first I declined due to my other commitments of school and work, but then I listened to various acoustic demos a…


Geographer are a 3 piece based out of San Francisco. The band consists of Nathan Blaz on cello/electronics, Brian Ostreicher on drums/vocals, and Mike Deni on vocals/guitar,keys. Recently having wrapped up a tour with Ladytron, Geographer brought their blend of indie-synth-pop sound. Here, Mike gives a bit of insight into the band called Geographer.

1. Who or what are some influences for the band?

Radiohead, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Arthur Russell, Prince, Kate Bush, and Terry Riley are heroes of ours.

2. How do you think being San Francisco based benefits or maybe hinders being in a band?

Touring on the west coast is kind of rough. We've gotten used to 8 to 10 hours between shows being a routine drive. But as far as the scene itself, it's been very good to us. The blogs are very genuine out here. They seem to just want to bring people good music, rather than try to find something no one else likes so they can remain cutting edge. And the community …

Raw Geronimo

Raw Geronimo is at the core of it Laena Geronimo. Having been a part of various bands, she got together 5 friends and began her current journey as Raw Geronimo. Here, Laena goes in depth and gives some insight into all things Raw Geronimo.

1. How would you describe this project and would you describe it as a solo effort, that turned into a full band?

The closest I've come to summing up our sound is: Jungle-Punk-Soul-Surf-Goth-World-Avant-Pop-Wildness... and I could keep adding hyphens for hours. Basically It's a very eclectically inspired, high energy set. Everyone has a different description for it. I haven't been sold on one yet. I suppose initially it was a solo effort- only because it was just me writing songs and recording them by myself with no specific purpose for years; I was reeeeally shy as a songwriter and kinda just kept it hidden away. Then something just clicked; I basically experienced a totally abrupt about-face early 2011 and suddenly became c…