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Apache Beat

Apache Beat, the five piece based out of New York, is compromised of Phillip Aceto (guitar/vocals), Michael Dos Santos (bass/vocals), Ilirjana Alushaj (lead vocals), Christina Aceto (synthesizer/piano), and Neil Westgate (drums/percussion). A mixed fusion of a variety of sounds, Apache Beat blend together experimental tones to form their own unique sound. Their album, Last Chants, was released in October. Here, Mike describes the formation of the band, as well as other aspects surrounding the band known as Apache Beat.

1. How did the band come together and what's a bit of background on the band?

Phil & I have been friends for a long time. We were both fans of each other’s bands and often spoke about getting something together. He was in a great group called Blue Sparks and I was helping them out on bass before they broke up. Phil knew Ili and had the idea of getting the three of us together for a musical collaboration. We hung out a few times and worked on some m…