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Rooney, the Los Angeles based band made up of Robert Schwartzman (vocals/guitar), Taylor Locke (guitar/vocals), Ned Brower (drums/vocals), Louie Stephens (keyboards/vocals), and new bassist Brandon Schwartzel, released their latest record earlier this year. Their third record entitled - "Eureka", was self produced and released by the band. They had free reigns to take control of the direction of the album and steer it in any which way they wanted. Eureka was the outcome and here Ned explains a bit about the making and creation of the album.

1.  How was the process different this time around, compared to previous albums?

when we started making eureka, we decided to try our hand at producing ourselves. we had collected a large amount of equipment and a lot of experience over the years so we set up our own studio and cut the song "i don't wanna lose you." we had already tried it with 2 different producers but we liked our version the best. that was the c…