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Shout Out Louds

The Shout Out Louds have a new record out titled "Work", their third full-length (following Howl Howl Gaff Gaff and Our Ill Wills) produced by Phil Ek. The greatest difference in the new album is that, “there is a relaxed, more stripped-down feel to this one that we were never interested in before,” says Bebban Stenborg, keyboardist/vocalist.

“Our intention[was] to be extremely focused and professional – to just let ourselves disappear into the work on the album. But in reality we did what we always do: piss about, take long lunches and put a lot of the organization side of things in Phil’s hands. We’re strangely immature sometimes. We love to have babysitters for everything, except finding good restaurants. We can do that all on our own,” Stenborg shares.

The rest of the Swedish band consists of Adam Olenius on vocals, Ted Malmros on bass, Carl von Arbin on guitar and Eric Edman on drums. The five-piece has a pretty routine way of songwriting.

Stenborg explains, “Adam …

Reni Lane

From Oregon, to Virginia, and now New York based, Reni Lane is a singer-songwriter-performer wrapped into one. Mixing pop, rock, and alternative, Reni's music is a blend of all things free spirited. Here, she talks about just some of the ins and outs and what influenced her brand new album, "Ready."

1. What influenced you to get into music?

For me music has been something transformative and magical. It started with Disney movies and classical music and I learned that with the right soundtrack I could put myself into any storybook I wanted. I think that's why music is so powerful and amazing - it can take your away from your troubles, change your mood, and lift you up. Music for me really hasn't changed, I still am like that little girl trying to make the perfect soundtrack to my life.

2. What is your earliest memory of music?

Probably watching a Care Bears musical movie in my underwear while my Mom worked at her sewing machine. Apparently I was a big C…