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Tearist are a two piece, Yasmine & William, based out of Los Angeles. Angular and varied, their sounds curve and weave, creating a distinct, reverberating sound. Here, Yasmine does some explaining on the background and relationship that is Tearist.

1.  What is the origin of the name of the band and how was it thought up? 

We are inspired by movements (w/in art), and I wanted what we were doing to be a movement specific to us… b/c it was. I, also, was known for coming to practice with bags of torn pages that I would tape together to make up the lyrics for our songs… b/c I would write things and tear them when I would get bummed… also, b/c I'm melodramatic and am drawn to the way sadness looks- aesthetically. Totally healthy. Great for loved ones. "Tearist" is, also, how my dad says "terrorist" due to his intensely Southern accent. Being born half Iranian and having lived there with my mother during the Iran/Iraq war… I was quite familiar with …