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Brooklyn based band Men, is the new musical project of JD Samson, from Le Tigre as well as Peaches' band, along with Michael O'Neill and Ginger Takahashi, both from Ladybug Transistor. Blending dance music with social and political issues, Talk About Body is Men's debut. Here, JD gives some background into the band known as Men.

1. What was the motivation in starting the band?

i just didn't want to stop making music. i had all these ideas in my head about new ways to do things sonically and what kind of a space i wanted to create with my art. so once i met the right people to do that with, i tried to build and build until i got to a place of feeling safe enough to put it out into the world.

2. How did the band form?

the band began as a dj project/ remix team/ and original music project that was comprised of me and jo from le tigre. i was also working with ginger and michael and emily on another project called hirsute. the two bands kind of got married …

Apache Beat

Apache Beat, the five piece based out of New York, is compromised of Phillip Aceto (guitar/vocals), Michael Dos Santos (bass/vocals), Ilirjana Alushaj (lead vocals), Christina Aceto (synthesizer/piano), and Neil Westgate (drums/percussion). A mixed fusion of a variety of sounds, Apache Beat blend together experimental tones to form their own unique sound. Their album, Last Chants, was released in October. Here, Mike describes the formation of the band, as well as other aspects surrounding the band known as Apache Beat.

1. How did the band come together and what's a bit of background on the band?

Phil & I have been friends for a long time. We were both fans of each other’s bands and often spoke about getting something together. He was in a great group called Blue Sparks and I was helping them out on bass before they broke up. Phil knew Ili and had the idea of getting the three of us together for a musical collaboration. We hung out a few times and worked on some m…


Rooney, the Los Angeles based band made up of Robert Schwartzman (vocals/guitar), Taylor Locke (guitar/vocals), Ned Brower (drums/vocals), Louie Stephens (keyboards/vocals), and new bassist Brandon Schwartzel, released their latest record earlier this year. Their third record entitled - "Eureka", was self produced and released by the band. They had free reigns to take control of the direction of the album and steer it in any which way they wanted. Eureka was the outcome and here Ned explains a bit about the making and creation of the album.

1.  How was the process different this time around, compared to previous albums?

when we started making eureka, we decided to try our hand at producing ourselves. we had collected a large amount of equipment and a lot of experience over the years so we set up our own studio and cut the song "i don't wanna lose you." we had already tried it with 2 different producers but we liked our version the best. that was the c…

Shout Out Louds

The Shout Out Louds have a new record out titled "Work", their third full-length (following Howl Howl Gaff Gaff and Our Ill Wills) produced by Phil Ek. The greatest difference in the new album is that, “there is a relaxed, more stripped-down feel to this one that we were never interested in before,” says Bebban Stenborg, keyboardist/vocalist.

“Our intention[was] to be extremely focused and professional – to just let ourselves disappear into the work on the album. But in reality we did what we always do: piss about, take long lunches and put a lot of the organization side of things in Phil’s hands. We’re strangely immature sometimes. We love to have babysitters for everything, except finding good restaurants. We can do that all on our own,” Stenborg shares.

The rest of the Swedish band consists of Adam Olenius on vocals, Ted Malmros on bass, Carl von Arbin on guitar and Eric Edman on drums. The five-piece has a pretty routine way of songwriting.

Stenborg explains, “Adam …

Reni Lane

From Oregon, to Virginia, and now New York based, Reni Lane is a singer-songwriter-performer wrapped into one. Mixing pop, rock, and alternative, Reni's music is a blend of all things free spirited. Here, she talks about just some of the ins and outs and what influenced her brand new album, "Ready."

1. What influenced you to get into music?

For me music has been something transformative and magical. It started with Disney movies and classical music and I learned that with the right soundtrack I could put myself into any storybook I wanted. I think that's why music is so powerful and amazing - it can take your away from your troubles, change your mood, and lift you up. Music for me really hasn't changed, I still am like that little girl trying to make the perfect soundtrack to my life.

2. What is your earliest memory of music?

Probably watching a Care Bears musical movie in my underwear while my Mom worked at her sewing machine. Apparently I was a big C…

Jason Boesel

Jason Boesel, is the drummer for the likes of Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes, and Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band. Now he is guitarist and singer for his self titled solo project. The music weaves in and out with some resemblances to the bands he has previously worked with, while straying away very naturally into his own sound. There are songs that remind you of sitting on the beach and songs that would fit nicely on a road trip. Here, Jason was kind enough to explain a bit about the process leading up to the making of 'Hustler's Son.'

1. How did this solo project come about?

I started writing songs a while ago. After playing them for friends and being encouraged, I started to set my sites on recording a record. I did it!

2. How would you explain the difference between working solo as opposed to working with a band?

Well, there's no one else to put up with. There's also no once else to help. No one to count on but yourself. If the song sucks, ther…

Best Coast

Based out of Los Angeles, Best Coast is Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno. Blending vintage sounds of the 50's & 60's and girl group tones, creating the setting for a sunny, lazy day at the beach type vibe, Best Coast's music is highly mellow and laid back. Here, Bethany describes some of the things that make up Best Coast.

1. Is the full length completely finished being recorded...and what was that process like?

Yeah we finished all of the tracking in like a week and a half. It was really stressful and tiring, especially because we had such a short amount of time—but it was really fun, and probably one of the coolest experiences I have ever had in my life.

2. How would you describe Best Coast to someone unfamiliar with the music?

I think I said once “it’s like stoned love letters to an imaginary boyfriend” which is basically true.

3. Being in other bands before, how do you feel that has helped with this band?

well best coast is really diffe…


Tearist are a two piece, Yasmine & William, based out of Los Angeles. Angular and varied, their sounds curve and weave, creating a distinct, reverberating sound. Here, Yasmine does some explaining on the background and relationship that is Tearist.

1.  What is the origin of the name of the band and how was it thought up? 

We are inspired by movements (w/in art), and I wanted what we were doing to be a movement specific to us… b/c it was. I, also, was known for coming to practice with bags of torn pages that I would tape together to make up the lyrics for our songs… b/c I would write things and tear them when I would get bummed… also, b/c I'm melodramatic and am drawn to the way sadness looks- aesthetically. Totally healthy. Great for loved ones. "Tearist" is, also, how my dad says "terrorist" due to his intensely Southern accent. Being born half Iranian and having lived there with my mother during the Iran/Iraq war… I was quite familiar with …