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The Cinematics

The Cinematics are a four piece from Glasgow, Scotland. With swirling guitars and a pulsating rhythm section, they create a dark, yet hopeful sound. The band consists of Scott Rinning on guitar & vocals, Adam Goemans on bass, Ross Bonney on drums, and Larry Reid on guitar. Their latest album, Love and Terror, blends their previous albums' resonant tone as well as a rawer, more emphatic sound. Here, Scott and Larry give a closer look and divulge into the process of making the record.

1. How would you describe the new record compared to the last?

Scott: The songs are more lyric-based and it overall sound is much raw and, we feel, more honest than that of Strange Education.

2. Was there a specific sound you were looking to create with this record?

Scott: We just wanted it to sound like the four of us in a room, playing the songs. The first album was recorded with some well-respected producers- Stephen Hague and Simon Barnicott- which was a great experience,…