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io echo

IO Echo are a band based out of Los Angeles (with the occasional Brit [who also plays bass for The Big Pink.]) Mixing together dark, pulsating sounds, encircled by an eerie texture, creates the haunting music of IO Echo.
IO Echo are IO on vocals, guitar and keyboard, Leopold Ross on guitar, and as part of the live band : Paul Rinis on drums, Aram Kirakosian, and Salvatore Romano on tambourine and keys. Here, IO herself delves further into the mystery that surrounds all things IO Echo.

1. Would you consider io echo a solo project?

io echo is the collaboration between myself and Leopold Ross. As time has elapsed we have begun collaborating more with the band.

2. What is the background of the band and how was the band started?

Leopold and I met at a seance. I raised him from the dead and he followed me home. I was thinking about starting a band at the time, so I told him he might as well make himself useful if he was just going to be hanging around. Leopold said that Jimi…