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Peter Bjorn and John

Peter Bjorn and John are a Swedish band formed in Stockholm, named after the band members: Peter Moren - guitar/vocals, Bjorn Yttling - bass/vocals, and John Eriksson - drums/vocals. Peter Bjorn and John's sound borders on lo fi and indie, and blends various sounds to make up their own, and with an upcoming album being released early next year (March), Peter was kind enough to share some insight into PBJ.

1. How would you compare the music scene in Stockholm to another major city and what would you say are the differences?

Peter: Stockholm is relatively small, so everyone knows everyone and there are a couple of places where most of the concerts take place. But maybe that's true for most cities? Still its a pretty diverse scene with a lot of different styles, freejazz, heavymetal, folk, indie etc. Since it's the biggest city in Sweden people move here from other places so it's a good mixture of people with different background as well.

2. Would you say …