Woah Hunx

Los Angeles based three piece Woah Hunx consists of Katherine Petersen - vocals, (Dirty) Preston Olson - guitar and Jonathan Harry Weinberg (Matzah) - drums. Putting together their sound, the end result is a blast of frantic noise ready for any party. Here, the band discusses the ever pressing issues that may be on any and everyone's mind.

1. Where is everyone from?

Preston: I am from Moorhead a small town in Minnesota right next to Fargo on the border of the state. Sounds horrible, but it wasn't that bad. Our high school football team was Moorhead Spuds. A spud is a potato, so our mascot was a guy in a big potato costume.

Katherine: I've been to Moorhed with Preston...the high school mascott is actually a guy in a Preston costume. He's just being humble. Oh, I'm from sunny so cal.

Matzah: I'm from Los Angeles.

2. How did you get interested in starting a band?

Matzah: Everytime we'd get drunk together, we'd joke about doing it. One day, we finally did it.

3. What was the process like to form the band?

Preston: It was great. We initally jammed out in Matzah's bedroom. Katherine would be bouncing on the bed yelling without a microphone and I was playing out of a dinky little practice amp using a sliver of a CVS member card as a pick. Matzah was playing a haphazardly put together drum kit all jammed into the corner of the room. Actually, we still aren't too far off from this scenario.

KP: It's all true I was there.

4. Who are some bands or artists that may of influenced your decision for the direction of the band?

Preston: For me, Jesus Lizard has always been a big influence, but also a vast array of friends bands that you go to see and then play with and all kind of evolve together.

KP: Honestly there was no conscious decision in terms of a concrete direction. We generally just write songs we like to play and that we figure we'd like to see preformed, there aren't really rules or even guidelines regarding style in our song writing. Sometimes it will be a turn of phrase from a Magnetic Fields song or maybe a hip hop beat I hear on the way to practice. But mostly it just dumb noodling round and a lot of "hey that sounded cool do it again" and thats pretty much how we started in our "direction"

Matzah: My dad, Daniel Noel Weinberg.

KP: I mean it was Matzah's dad

5. Besides the band, do you guys have other jobs?

Matzah: I work for a hip hop website.

Preston: I raise money for independent films, its a company I own with my brother. It is also my job to party, kind of. Like Spuds MacKenzie.

KP: I'm super rich I don't have to work. Uh JK i gots two jobs and pretty much no days off. They're not interesting.

6. What is something you guys do in your spare time?

Preston: Read and drink.

Matzah: Work, hang, complain, watch movies, play in a couple other bands, I put out other bands records on my label I Hate Rock N Roll, and Preston and I have a night every Wednesday at the Cha Cha here in Los Angeles with Keith Morris called Forming.

KP: (see above...no days off) Most of my spare time is spent um playing in Woah Hunx....YEAH!

7. What is your reaction when an audience isn't responsive?

Preston: Its to get hammy and chat them up, much to Matzah's dismay.

KP: We're pretty hammy anyways but yeah me and P ham it up, Matzah pouts.

Matzah: I pout.

8. What are some bands you are currently listening to?

Preston: Strange Boys, Audacity, Mika Miko, Tweak Bird...

Matzah: The Anasazis, Strange Boys, Christmas Island, Sandy City

KP: dittos on both fronts. The Audacity record is well pretty nice. I'm also finally into Scott Walker, I'm slow.

9. Some old favourites/favourite records?

Preston: Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Kinks, CCR, Biggie Smalls.

Matzah: My recent faves are Hubble Bubble, The Ronnettes and Go Betweens.

10. Anything you're looking forward to being released?

Matzah: Christmas Island LP, The Anasazis 7" and Dr. Dre's Detox

11. Last cd/vinyl/digital purchased?

Preston: It actually was my friends comedy album. His name is Matt Braunger and his album is called Soak Up The Night

Matzah: The Ronnettes Greatest Hits Volume 2 - it was pricy, but totally worth it. And the new Davila 666 LP.

12. Last movie you saw & show you went to?

Preston: Bruno and I haven't been to a show in awhile that I didn't play. Maybe it was the I HATE ROCK AND ROLL and Videothing 4th of July BBQ with Strange Boys, Graham Forest, Abe Vigoda, to name a few. Good times.

Matzah: We played a party a few days ago? I was also at Bruno with Preston.

KP: Somehow we have got to play with a lot of my favorite bands like Har Mar, The Audactiy and the Anasazis so yeah it's nice to play a show and then be psyched to stick around and watch your buddy's bands play that you actually really love. We're playing with NODZZZZ next week and I would be headed to that whether or not we we're playing. Lucky me! Oh and I saw Year One and Ice Age 3 double feature at The Point drive-in theatre in Danville PA.



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