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Woah Hunx

Los Angeles based three piece Woah Hunx consists of Katherine Petersen - vocals, (Dirty) Preston Olson - guitar and Jonathan Harry Weinberg (Matzah) - drums. Putting together their sound, the end result is a blast of frantic noise ready for any party. Here, the band discusses the ever pressing issues that may be on any and everyone's mind.

1. Where is everyone from?

Preston: I am from Moorhead a small town in Minnesota right next to Fargo on the border of the state. Sounds horrible, but it wasn't that bad. Our high school football team was Moorhead Spuds. A spud is a potato, so our mascot was a guy in a big potato costume.

Katherine: I've been to Moorhed with Preston...the high school mascott is actually a guy in a Preston costume. He's just being humble. Oh, I'm from sunny so cal.

Matzah: I'm from Los Angeles.

2. How did you get interested in starting a band?

Matzah: Everytime we'd get drunk together, we'd joke about doing it. One da…