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An Horse

Kate Cooper and Damon Cox make up the band An Horse from Brisbane, Australia. Mixing their blend of guitar and drums to craft songs that become ingrained in your mind, their style mixes in with different influences to create a soundtrack of the summer (winter or fall.) Kate was kind enough to take some time out to chat and discuss all things An Horse.

How would you describe the music scene in Brisbane compared to the US?

"Brisbane is a really small city, and has a very strong community; that's what Damon and I love about the states, it's really big and in the US you can tour and tour..."

Were there any other names for the band floating around?

"We didn't even think about it, it was good, we didn't have to have one of those -what should we call the band things." It was a name Kate used for solo shows around Brisbane.

Both Damon and Kate's previous bands had already broken up giving them the time to begin An Horse as more shows were …

Sebastien Grainger

Previously one half of Death From Above 1979, Sebastien Grainger is now following his name as his new(er) moniker. With a diversion from previous sounds, the solo material takes various twists and turns, with a positive end result. Here, Sebastien discusses some of what went on during the process.

1. How was the transition going from DFA1979 into your current band and was it a natural progression?

The transition began the moment i decided i didn't want to do DFA anymore. I had this hazy vision of what kind of an artist i wanted to be, and i felt like i needed time to develop that vision. My whole approach to music and art has always been from a humble perspective. I always feel like I'm learning. The flip side of that is that i never feel like i've arrived. Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains is/was my statement of what i think a rock band should sound like. My next approach will be drastically different, but as an artist i feel like i'll be abl…