Tilly and the Wall

Bright. Colourful. Fun. Tilly and the Wall, the five piece based out of Omaha are compromised of Kianna - vocals/bass, Neely - vocals/bass, Derek - guitar/vocals, Jamie - tap dancer/percussionist and Nick - keyboards. Mixing harmonies, beats, and melodies, Tilly and the Wall create a dynamic sound that is perfect for singing (or shouting) along to, tunes that are wrapped with ample amounts of exhilarating energy. Here, Kianna shares some details surrounding the wonderful world of Tilly and the Wall.

1. Did you always have the intention to use tap dancing as a form of percussion or incorporate it into the songs somehow?

Not really, it's just something Jamie had done in prior bands and used at the first Tilly practices to keep a beat. We never really discussed it but it just stuck! It was totally meant to be... kismet.

2. Team Love and Saddlecreek records both seem like very tightly knit and nurturing labels; how has that been working within that environment?

It has been totally awesome! Team Love is the most artist friendly label ever. They let us do whatever we want and trust in us. We are very lucky to call them home.

3. How did Tilly and the Wall first form and what other bands were you in prior to this one?

Well the boys had just moved to Omaha from Atlanta and was hanging out working on songs with Jamie who had befriended them. Jamie and I had been writing songs together too ever after our other band broke up. So we just decided to all work together! Then we called Neely because we wanted harmonies and wanted another female singer, we just knew she would be perfect! And then we were Tilly!

4. What is the songwriting process like for you guys or does it usually vary?

Most times one person will write a song and bring it to the rest of the band. Then everyone starts working on it together. We all really understand each other really well and can kind of feel what each other's songs are asking for. It's great because that's how they end up a Tilly song and not a Kianna or Nick (or whoever) song!

5. What are some things you like to do after a show or on days off?

On our days off on tour we LOVE going to the movies together! Especially if there's one out that we have all been excited for! Ones I remember are The Dark Night and The Black Pearl, the Pirates movie! Actually, we cherish these things like you couldn't believe cuz they are so rare and we don't mess around. I bitched out some teen brats' parents at the Pirates movie because their girls wouldn't shut up when the movie started and we were all so pumped about it! HAHAHA!

6. Who would you like to collaborate with?

I think I can speak for everyone when I say Missy Elliott or Michael Jackson.

7. What is your favourite thing about touring? Least favourite?

To me, the best thing about touring is playing the show. That one hour makes all that driving and heavy lifting worth it. Also, those are the worst parts... the driving all day and the loading in and loading out again at 2 a.m.

8. You're known for your happy, fun, bright overall presence...how important is that to convey? Also, where do you usually find/look for your outfits? Are there any particular style 'icons' you look at for inspiration?

We don't make a conscious effort to BE fun or whatever but we just HAVE so much fun doing what we're doing that we can't help it! I will however say that when the band first started it was clear we weren't interested in making sad folk songs... I personally look to my friends for inspiration regarding looks. My friend Peggy Noland is a designer in Kansas City and she makes all of my stage costumes. She always has amazing ideas and I trust her crazy ass! She knows I will wear anything!

9. Who and/or what are some influences or inspirations for the band?

We are all so different it's insane but we all find inspiration from daily life and everything contained in it. It's hard to be specific but anything from a book or a story you hear on the news can spark inspiration. As far as influences, I would say most music you hear sticks with you somehow... subliminally sometimes!

10. What are some bands you are currently listening to?

Currently I am listening to Fever Ray! It's Karin from the Knife's solo project and it's just as haunting and beautiful as the slower songs the Knife had. Also, can't stop listening to the new Animal Collective... I generally get really obsessive about repeating albums I love. This is the case with both of these albums!

Some old favourites/favourite records?

I love listening to old Of Montreal records and reeeally old Desmond Decker records! The Israelites is BANGIN'!

Anything you're looking forward to being released?

The new Grizzly Bear! I can't wait!!!

Last cd/vinyl/digital purchased? I got a cd of a band called Borg from my favorite mail order site/store AquariusRecords.org. It is pretty good! Also, just ordered Night Control's new cd from the same website! That site offers the most incredibly honest reviews and also streaming songs from the artists they carry.

Last movie you saw & show you went to?

Last movie I saw was Coralline in 3D! I went to it two days in a row because I could not get over how trippy and beautiful it was. It was even better the second time.



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