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Tilly and the Wall

Bright. Colourful. Fun. Tilly and the Wall, the five piece based out of Omaha are compromised of Kianna - vocals/bass, Neely - vocals/bass, Derek - guitar/vocals, Jamie - tap dancer/percussionist and Nick - keyboards. Mixing harmonies, beats, and melodies, Tilly and the Wall create a dynamic sound that is perfect for singing (or shouting) along to, tunes that are wrapped with ample amounts of exhilarating energy. Here, Kianna shares some details surrounding the wonderful world of Tilly and the Wall.

1. Did you always have the intention to use tap dancing as a form of percussion or incorporate it into the songs somehow?

Not really, it's just something Jamie had done in prior bands and used at the first Tilly practices to keep a beat. We never really discussed it but it just stuck! It was totally meant to be... kismet.

2. Team Love and Saddlecreek records both seem like very tightly knit and nurturing labels; how has that been working within that environment?

It h…


A five piece from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Wintersleep are made up of Loel Campbell - drums, Paul Murphy - guitar/vocals, Mike Bigelow - bass, Tim D'Eon - guitar/keys, and Jon Samuel - keys/guitar/vocals. Meshing the heavy with the light to find the right amount of each colliding together, Wintersleep's music can start off in one direction, while smoothly leading up to another by the end of it. This mixture forms their sound to balance out what doesn't go missing within their music. Here, Paul delves into Wintersleep's core for a bit of insight.

1. How do you feel/think being from Halifax differs or compares in terms of the setting and interaction with other bands, than say more mainstream or popular Canadian cities such as Montreal , Toronto or Vancouver ? Or do you think there even is a difference music wise?

Halifax has a bit more of an insular music community than those other cities I think.. Kinda keeping to itself a bit but I think not necessarily in…