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The Whispertown 2000

With their free flowing melodies and harmonies, The Whispertown 2000 are a four piece based in Los Angeles; made up of Morgan Nagler, Tod Adrian Wisenbaker, Vanesa Corbala, and Casey Wisenbaker. They mix retro classic sounds with a twist of folk to create their own sound. Their first album - Livin' in a Dream was released in 2006, while their current record - Swim, was released in 2008. Morgan was kind enough to take some time to give us a peak into The Whispertown 2000.

1. How is a song created and what sort of approach do you take?

Usually, I write the song on guitar and bring it to the band, where it then tuns into what it is by everybody's shaping and morphing.

2.Do you prefer to play to a smaller or larger audience or venue?

I like a little room packed in where I don't know anybody.

3.Having known Blake and Jenny, what kind of advice did they give you as far as writing and preforming goes?

Well it was Jenny that somewhat insisted that we move forward …

Mika Miko

Infusing sounds and clashing noises, Mika Miko are a five piece band based out of Los Angeles California. The band includes guitarist Michelle Suarez, bassist Jessica Clavin, drummer Seth Densham, and duel vocalists Jenna Thornhill (also saxophone) & Jennifer Clavin (also guitar). Their music combines influences and beyond to create a wild ride of ruckus. With a new album to be released soon, Michelle took some time to answer some questions about what makes up Mika Miko.

1. Can you tell us how the band came about, where everyone is from and the drummer changes..

The band came about in 2003, sometime. We are all from southern California. Our new! And a boy. It's a boy!!!

2. Who or what are some influences for the band?

We all really appreciate music. All of us have different influences: people, music, food, clothing, books, etc.

3. What is the songwriting process like for you guys?

Usually one of us comes up with a riff and we p…