The Faint

The Faint are compromised of Joel Peterson, Clark Baechle, Dapose, Todd Fink and Jacob Thiele; and within that combination, juxtapose their music just as so. Their latest and current release - Fasciination, displays their mixing and fusion of different styles, into creating a sound and style all their own. Jacob was cool enough to take some time out to share some insight into the band from Omaha, known as the Faint.

1. How was the entire process of this album different from the previous albums?

We combined methods from all our previous albums, starting first by simply playing the songs and then realizing that we could do more by recording the songs as we went, once the studio was finished. The end result is something we're very happy with, and I think we've come closer to creating a scientific method for making music than on previous records.

2. What do you feel the (major) differences are between the last records compared to the new one?

The sound of the record is different because we made it ourselves. Doing this also allowed us the chance to experiment a lot more, like trying different keyboards for each part and declaring one superior to another! I think the lyrics are a little more straightforward.

3. What brought on the label change or made you guys leave your old label and release this new record on your own? Was blank.wav started as a result?

We knew we wanted to do something different for this record, and after doing almost everything else ourselves, it seemed like the right time to finally release our own music on our own label. So yeah, I guess it was started as a result. Hopefully one day we can put out other people's albums as well!

4. Being on your own label, what have been the biggest differences you've encountered?

Well, there's nobody to blame but ourselves when things don't go right! I suppose in many ways, it's the same as being on another label. We hired the same publicist, we hired radio people and all that too.

5. Would you consider the band an electronic(a) or dance band? Or how would you define or describe the band?

Kind of both. We don't really try to define ourselves by genres. When we meet somebody on a plane or somewhere who has no frame of reference we say that we're an electronic rock band that plays danse music for punks.

6. Do you have a favourite city to play, and what makes it a favourite?

We don't have a favorite city to play. Of course playing our hometown, Omaha, is a lot of fun, but it's always hellishly hot in the venue we play there! It's always fun to revisit a city we've been to before, but we also like to play new places.

7. What do you find to be the best/worst thing about touring?

Being away from loved ones is the worst. But meeting new people and seeing the world are the best! Also playing shows is lot of fun.

8. What's your favourite song to do live?

It used to be Paranoiattack, but lately it's probably Psycho because I get to do a wild keyboard solo in the middle of it.

9. Who and/or what have been some influences for the band?

Right now we're writing an article about Aphex Twin. He's always inspired us in different ways. Old punk stuff like Wire and old new wave stuff like the first couple Human League albums. We're big fans of bands that play by their own rules like Fugazi and Sonic Youth as well.

10. What are some bands you are currently listening to?

My favorite new band is probably Late of the Pier. I saw Midnight Juggernauts at a festival in Ireland and they were great!

Some old favourites/favourite records?

It's been fun revisiting Aphex Twin's catalog. I like David Bowie a lot. The Kinks, T. Rex, Brian Eno.

Anything you're looking forward to being released?

Hmmm. I'm looking forward to our next single, Mirror Error, because we're hoping to get some great remixes!

Last cd/vinyl/digital purchased?

I bought a Konono No 1 12" that has some locked grooves on it. Pretty rad stuff.

Last movie and/or show you saw?

The last movie I watched was "We Jam Econo" the Minutemen documentary. I had seen it before, but we were all watching it on the bus because some people hadn't seen it. It's great!

photo courtesy of Bill Sitzmann.


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