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The Faint

The Faint are compromised of Joel Peterson, Clark Baechle, Dapose, Todd Fink and Jacob Thiele; and within that combination, juxtapose their music just as so. Their latest and current release - Fasciination, displays their mixing and fusion of different styles, into creating a sound and style all their own. Jacob was cool enough to take some time out to share some insight into the band from Omaha, known as the Faint.

1. How was the entire process of this album different from the previous albums?

We combined methods from all our previous albums, starting first by simply playing the songs and then realizing that we could do more by recording the songs as we went, once the studio was finished. The end result is something we're very happy with, and I think we've come closer to creating a scientific method for making music than on previous records.

2. What do you feel the (major) differences are between the last records compared to the new one?

The sound of the rec…