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Cut Copy

Four years in between their last record - Bright Like Neon Love, and with their current album - In Ghost Colours debuting at #1 on the Australian charts, Cut Copy are getting set for a co-headling tour with label mates The Presets. Cut Copy are a 3 piece from Melbourne made up of Dan Whitford, Tim Hoey, and Mitchell Scott. In Ghost Colours mixes and blends alternate genres; beautifully, intersecting sounds, cutting back and to from distinct combinations of melodies and most of all makes you feel like you're floating through crystal clear air. Dan was nice enough to give us a bit of details about what makes up Cut Copy.

1. Do you ever feel the need or get in the mood to mix up or change a song while or right before playing it?

We have a pretty short attention span for our own music so we often perform different versions of our songs or different arrangements. I think it's good for our fans too particularly when it comes to older songs that people have probably hea…