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Pin Me Down

Named after a text message from Russell to Milena, Pin Me Down is compromised of Russell Lissack & Milena Mépris. Based out of New York and London, they mix in a variety of influences to get their futuristic mesh of electronica-crashing-into-pop sounds. Here, Milena gives us a little taste of Pin Me Down.

1. How did the band come about and was there an instant direction you both knew you wanted the sound to be headed?

Milena Mépris: I met Russell when my former band Black Moustache opened up for Bloc Party in New York. He shared my amp for the show, so we met as a result and hit it off immediately. He saw my band’s set and liked my playing and pink Gibson SG guitar, so we became friends from there. We started sending songs we liked back and forth, and then some of our own music, so the next natural step was to collaborate on something… Initally we just played Weezer songs, but the first 2 songs we ever wrote actually made it on to our record. It was pretty amazing! …

The Stills

The Stills, made up of Tim Fletcher - vocals/guitar, Dave Hamelin - vocals/guitar, Liam O'Neil - keys, Olivier Corbeil - bass, and Julien Blais - drums; are a band from Montreal, who are set to release their third lp very soon (august 19th). Tim took some time out in the midst of mixing and mastering of the album to share some info. on some topics revolving around Montreal and The Stills.

1. What is the meaning behind the band name; was it something that sounded timeless, and does the meaning change for you from time to time? Were there any other names considered? Are all the band members from Montreal?

The name The Stills was chosen for us by a friend who was a small star of the New Ethiopian Cinema in the late 1980s. He got into a pretty heavy scene though, in New York City, and died pretty young. But he loved movies, especially American Film Noir of the 50's, maybe more than we loved him. And so I suppose the meaning is constantly shifting in accordance to what every …