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Young Galaxy

Young Galaxy, are a band originally from Vancouver (Stephen Ramsay & Catherine McCandless), officially forming after the completion of the self titled record, and are now based out of Montreal, where they met the rest of the band to be (Stephen Durand, Stephen Kamp, Liam O'Neill). Their sound is a mixture of melancholy, clashing with dreamy undertones and lush melodies. Stephen (R), was kind enough to give us some details into the creative process of the band that is known as Young Galaxy.

1. So you were Stars touring guitarist? For how long? How did you get involved with Stars? I know the whole Broken Social Scene/Arts & Crafts label is very involved/tight knit with each others bands, have you played with BSS?

I toured with Stars for almost two years in support of the "Set Yourself On Fire" album. I was close friends with Torq Campbell of Stars' wife for many years before we started hanging out with them in Vancouver on a regular basis. He ask…