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You Say Party! We Say Die!

You Say Party! We Say Die! are a 5 piece, self described dance-punk-new wave band, who formed after it was too cold to take their bike gang out on the streets in Abbotsford, British Columbia. They self released an EP; Danskwad, followed by their first full length album - Hit The Floor!, and most recently, after signing with Paper Bag Records - Lose All Time. Their music is an exciting array and blend of spastic eruption of wonderful and striking noise. YSP! WSD! are: Becky Ninkovic - voice, Krista Loewen - keys, Derek Adam - guitar, Devon Clifford - drums, and Stephen O'Shea - bass; who was nice enough to give a bit of insight into the band that is - You Say Party! We Say Die!

1. How did the band start, where did you all meet, & where is everyone originally from?

the band started in abbotsford back in december of 2003. The story goes "it was raining and too cold to ride our bikes in winter so we ended up in becky's basement and decided to start a ban…