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The Octopus Project

The Octopus Project are a four piece band made up of Josh, Yvonne, Toto, and Ryan. Blending contrasting sounds, experimental noises, and various instruments, The Octopus Project create a fun and happy atmosphere. Known to switch instruments around, their music encapsulates tiny melodies bursting with fervor. Josh was kind enough to share some info on the band from Austin, known as The Octopus Project.

1. How did the band come together and where is everyone from?

Yvonne, Toto, and I have known each other since we were 18, and were in bands together throughout college. Yvonne and Toto grew up in Houston, and I lived there for high school. Ryan grew up in Austin. Around 1998/99, we (Yvonne, Toto, and I) were all going to college at UT in Austin, and playing together in a band called Hidden Speaker. The band was led by a friend of ours. He wrote most of the music, and at some point we decided that we wanted to break out and do our own thing. So, we quit that band, and fo…

The Faint

The Faint are compromised of Joel Peterson, Clark Baechle, Dapose, Todd Fink and Jacob Thiele; and within that combination, juxtapose their music just as so. Their latest and current release - Fasciination, displays their mixing and fusion of different styles, into creating a sound and style all their own. Jacob was cool enough to take some time out to share some insight into the band from Omaha, known as the Faint.

1. How was the entire process of this album different from the previous albums?

We combined methods from all our previous albums, starting first by simply playing the songs and then realizing that we could do more by recording the songs as we went, once the studio was finished. The end result is something we're very happy with, and I think we've come closer to creating a scientific method for making music than on previous records.

2. What do you feel the (major) differences are between the last records compared to the new one?

The sound of the rec…

Cut Copy

Four years in between their last record - Bright Like Neon Love, and with their current album - In Ghost Colours debuting at #1 on the Australian charts, Cut Copy are getting set for a co-headling tour with label mates The Presets. Cut Copy are a 3 piece from Melbourne made up of Dan Whitford, Tim Hoey, and Mitchell Scott. In Ghost Colours mixes and blends alternate genres; beautifully, intersecting sounds, cutting back and to from distinct combinations of melodies and most of all makes you feel like you're floating through crystal clear air. Dan was nice enough to give us a bit of details about what makes up Cut Copy.

1. Do you ever feel the need or get in the mood to mix up or change a song while or right before playing it?

We have a pretty short attention span for our own music so we often perform different versions of our songs or different arrangements. I think it's good for our fans too particularly when it comes to older songs that people have probably hea…

Pin Me Down

Named after a text message from Russell to Milena, Pin Me Down is compromised of Russell Lissack & Milena Mépris. Based out of New York and London, they mix in a variety of influences to get their futuristic mesh of electronica-crashing-into-pop sounds. Here, Milena gives us a little taste of Pin Me Down.

1. How did the band come about and was there an instant direction you both knew you wanted the sound to be headed?

Milena Mépris: I met Russell when my former band Black Moustache opened up for Bloc Party in New York. He shared my amp for the show, so we met as a result and hit it off immediately. He saw my band’s set and liked my playing and pink Gibson SG guitar, so we became friends from there. We started sending songs we liked back and forth, and then some of our own music, so the next natural step was to collaborate on something… Initally we just played Weezer songs, but the first 2 songs we ever wrote actually made it on to our record. It was pretty amazing! …

The Stills

The Stills, made up of Tim Fletcher - vocals/guitar, Dave Hamelin - vocals/guitar, Liam O'Neil - keys, Olivier Corbeil - bass, and Julien Blais - drums; are a band from Montreal, who are set to release their third lp very soon (august 19th). Tim took some time out in the midst of mixing and mastering of the album to share some info. on some topics revolving around Montreal and The Stills.

1. What is the meaning behind the band name; was it something that sounded timeless, and does the meaning change for you from time to time? Were there any other names considered? Are all the band members from Montreal?

The name The Stills was chosen for us by a friend who was a small star of the New Ethiopian Cinema in the late 1980s. He got into a pretty heavy scene though, in New York City, and died pretty young. But he loved movies, especially American Film Noir of the 50's, maybe more than we loved him. And so I suppose the meaning is constantly shifting in accordance to what every …

Young Galaxy

Young Galaxy, are a band originally from Vancouver (Stephen Ramsay & Catherine McCandless), officially forming after the completion of the self titled record, and are now based out of Montreal, where they met the rest of the band to be (Stephen Durand, Stephen Kamp, Liam O'Neill). Their sound is a mixture of melancholy, clashing with dreamy undertones and lush melodies. Stephen (R), was kind enough to give us some details into the creative process of the band that is known as Young Galaxy.

1. So you were Stars touring guitarist? For how long? How did you get involved with Stars? I know the whole Broken Social Scene/Arts & Crafts label is very involved/tight knit with each others bands, have you played with BSS?

I toured with Stars for almost two years in support of the "Set Yourself On Fire" album. I was close friends with Torq Campbell of Stars' wife for many years before we started hanging out with them in Vancouver on a regular basis. He ask…

You Say Party! We Say Die!

You Say Party! We Say Die! are a 5 piece, self described dance-punk-new wave band, who formed after it was too cold to take their bike gang out on the streets in Abbotsford, British Columbia. They self released an EP; Danskwad, followed by their first full length album - Hit The Floor!, and most recently, after signing with Paper Bag Records - Lose All Time. Their music is an exciting array and blend of spastic eruption of wonderful and striking noise. YSP! WSD! are: Becky Ninkovic - voice, Krista Loewen - keys, Derek Adam - guitar, Devon Clifford - drums, and Stephen O'Shea - bass; who was nice enough to give a bit of insight into the band that is - You Say Party! We Say Die!

1. How did the band start, where did you all meet, & where is everyone originally from?

the band started in abbotsford back in december of 2003. The story goes "it was raining and too cold to ride our bikes in winter so we ended up in becky's basement and decided to start a ban…