A trio from Chicago, Monakr consists of Saam Hagshenas, Jonathan Marks, and Matthew Santos.
Here, they give a little insight into the band.

1. What inspired you to get together and start a band?

We had all known each other through the Chicago music scene, our bands had played together, etc. There was a little talk of working in some capacity. In 2014 Saam had written a few songs he wanted Matt to sing on, and they got in the studio. They both liked the result so much they decided to turn it into a band.

2. Who are some inspirations for the band?

Massive Attack, Peter Gabriel, Jeff Buckley,

3. Was there a deliberate construction in the outcome of the songs?
Not really, every song is different. Some pour out all at once, some are different ideas that come together from different places and times. We knew the mood for this project was a bit more somber than former projects, but I wouldn’t say that influenced the writing process. They’re just songs.

4. How do you feel Chicago compares…

Tashaki Miyaki

Tashaki Miyaki are a duo consisting of Lucy on drums and vocals and Rocky on guitar. Based in Los Angeles, they formed out of a late night jam session, and here Lucy gives some insight into the band that goes by the name Tashaki Miyaki.

1. What inspired you to form a band?
I had been making demos on my own and was really wanting to play with other people and hear that sound. At the time I didn't really have a plan to form a band...I didn't know what the outcome would be. I was making recordings with my friend Joel Jerome and then Rocky came one day and we basically recorded our first EP in a day. We did drums, guitar, and vocals live in a couple takes and then overdubbed percussion and more vocals. The band was pretty much born in those sessions. After our first trip to the UK in 2011, which was essentially our first tour/shows, we realized we needed a third person to fill out the sound. Dora was someone I had played in bands with in the past and who I really trust musicall…

Maximo Park

Maximo Park are a 4 piece consisting of Paul Smith - vocals, Duncan Lloyd - guitar, Lukas Wooller - keys, and Tom English - drums. Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, they are a band with an alternative/indie vibe and sound. They create soaring melodies melted with intricate lyrics.

Here, Tom gives some insight into the band.

1. How did you guys approach this record compared to the others?

It's the first time we've self produced an album. We fell into it by working on a few songs at the end of 2012, intended for an ep in 2013. We did them in Field Music's studio in Sunderland. They're old friends of ours and they helped out a lot on those songs. The label heard them and just told us to keep going, abandoning the idea of an ep. Meanwhile, our own studio space in Newcastle had been renovated and we were able to upgrade our recording set up. So we moved back in and finished the job over the course of last year.

2. Was there anything new you wanted to try out or perhaps,…


Pins are a four piece band from Manchester comprised of singer/guitarist Faith Vern, guitarist Lois Macdonald, bassist Anna Donigan and drummer Sophie Galpin. Having formed in 2011, Pins released their debut album in 2013 - Girls Like Us, and toured with a bunch of diverse bands, including Warpaint, The Fall, and Sleater-Kinney. Fast forward two years, their latest - Wild Nights, has just been released. Wild Nights was recorded in famed Joshua Tree with producer Dave Catching.
Pins are currently in the midst of their own headlining tour and here, Faith and Lois share a little bit about the band that is known as Pins.

1. What inspired you guys to start a band?

Faith - the first Christmas gift I recall was a keyboard, I got my first guitar when I was 12 and I had hundreds of imaginary bands as a teenager, it's in my blood.. My grandparents are musical, maybe it's down to them.

Lois - I played piano since I was a kid, but it was quite a solitary instrument. When I start pla…

How & Nosm

1. How did you guys initially get interested in art and what led you to the street art style?
We started when we were very young, watching our mother draw. We would sit down with her and she would have us draw different images that she would come up with. Eventually, we started drawing by ourselves, copying photos and refining our skills by drawing almost daily. We developed an interest in art in general.
We were later introduced to tagging through skateboarding. A close friend showed us graffiti pieces from Spray Can Art and Subway Art. Soon after, we painted our first pieces illegally and from that point on, we were on a mission, going out at night and painting as much as possible while practicing graffiti lettering during the day.

2. When did you decide to limit yourselves to using only black, red and white and do you find that it does limit you at all?
It started about 4 years ago in Rio and the main reason we used a limited color palette was because paint was extremely expe…

Dabs Myla

Dabs & Myla are artists from Melbourne currently based in Los Angeles. The duo mix and match both of their skills, creating whimsical and chromatic pieces, whether it's on canvas or on walls. Infusing both letters and characters, their pieces turn blank walls into exciting and colorful interruptions in between the mundane. Here, Dabs & Myla discuss a bit about all things art!

1. How did you first get interested in art and how did you veer towards street art and murals?

DABS:I had been interested in art and drawing since i was a young kid. I would always be drawing and making little comics and cartoons. When became a teenager I started hanging out with some kids in my neighborhood that where all bombing a lot. I started tagging with them and paying attention to the culture of graffiti and noticing pieces on the train line. I loved it and started sketching letters a lot!! I was lucky enough to have a few people around me who where older and where already pretty e…


Morley is the guy putting up wheat-paste posters with phrases plastered on them, along with his own image, around the LA area. His posters are thoughtful, curious and almost evoke a sense of feeling like things don't have to so bad. Whereas many street artists choose to remain an anonymous mystery, Morley does the opposite. Not only does he include an image of himself on each poster, but takes to his blog to further discuss the process and even lists the location of each piece. Here, Morley discusses further some different aspects about street art.

1. How did you first get interested in art?

I suppose I got interested in art the same way as everyone else, through the things that entertained me as a child. Anything that gave my imagination fuel to explore the various recesses of my mind and the worlds that exist within them, would be quickly devoured by my young eyes and ears. Films, music, cartoons, comics- they were and still are a sort of relief from the drudgery…